Hi. I’m Julie and I set up this blog as I grow increasingly demented at the amount of pseudoscience, or junk science, or alternative medicine or ‘woo’ as I refer to it that is occupying debate in the world. I am not a scientist, but I am a rational human being and I am incensed at the amount of public money and time given over to whatever weird new age-y nonsense happens to be the latest thing among the witless chattering classes. You can study this nonsense in our universities, or receive these entirely unproven ‘therapies’ on the NHS. It’s as if the enlightment never happened.

As a middle-aged white woman, I am the target demographic for any old passing snake oil salesman or woman. Homeopathy, reiki, aromatherapy, cranial sac whatever…it goes on and on. And I don’t usually hear men talking about this nonsense (unless it’s the ones trying to flog their particular brand of magic). Other women who take in all this nonsense assume I too will be as witless as they are. I am fed up with this assumption.

Hence the blog. I’m a woman. I’m over 40. I’m not a scientist. I am a rational human being who understands the scientific method and supports evidence based medicine. I’m sure there are other women out there who think the same. Please join in the blog.


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